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For­est School offers a hands-​on learn­ing expe­ri­ence in a wood­land envi­ron­ment . We have had some fan­tas­tic For­est Days and Camp Outs, our feed­back speaks for itself…

Day­time activ­i­ties will usu­ally include wood­land games, for­ag­ing, light­ing fires, mak­ing water fil­ters, map­ping, track­ing and trail­ing foot­prints, bark rub­bing, spear throw­ing and wild art (activ­i­ties are age depen­dant). The week­end Camp-​Outs will include all equip­ment, ham­mocks, mate­ri­als and food!!

Our next For­est Days are:

Fri­day 13th March: Early Years For­est Day

Fri­day 20th March: Age 8+ For­est Day

Please email for full details.…

Infor­ma­tion for our next excur­sion is com­ing soon.….……

We alter­nate these ses­sions and make a themed pro­gram around them, based on level of inter­est, ages and abil­i­ties. Please enquire.


TLC’ caters for those chil­dren who love learn­ing but work bet­ter with no timeline.

In these ses­sions, suc­cess is gauged by the children’s con­tin­ued inter­est in work­ing and learn­ing within their cho­sen subject.

The sess­sions focus on increas­ing knowl­edge and under­stand­ing within their sub­ject, using multi-​media and writ­ten work, as well as research and home study with support.

Email us for any ques­tions or to book a place.


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